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Harambee 2024

Sunday, September 15th

Jefferson Street Christian Church in Lincoln, Illinois

The word “Harambee” is a Swahili term meaning “All Come Together”. It is a common practice in our area of Kenya to host a Harambee for a family trying to raise funds for a specific need. The whole community comes together and has a meal and fellowship and then they shower the family or individual with love and support. Sometimes it is to help them with medical expenses or to finish building their house. Sometimes it is to send their children to school.
COPE has named our biannual fundraiser event in reflection of this idea of community and support.

Harambee photo.jpg

Fellowship, Worship, Celebrate, Uplift and Praise God for the work being done in Tapadany, Pokot, Kenya.

Doors will open at 4:30pm.

We will share a meal provided by several of the churches that have fed into COPE over the years, as well as a silent auction and a guest speaker.

You will be able to purchase items made by the Pokot community. Those funds go directly back to each individual to support their families.

In addition, we will have available for purchase “Okay, God.”, the book written about Barb O’Donohue’s experience in Pokot.

Please put this special event on your calendar! We would love to fellowship with you as we celebrate what God has done in Pokot.

If you are not able to join us this year but would like to give to this year's campaign to support COPE, you may send a gift by clicking the donate button or mail a donation to our US address: COPE Ministry P.O. Box 903, Lincoln, IL 62526. Please put 'Harambee' in the memo line.

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