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About Us

COPE was founded in 1997. The organization's headquarters is located in Lincoln, IL. The African mission is located in Tapadany, Pokot, Kenya. The purpose of the organization is to provide a Christian education to the children of the Pokot tribe located in Kenya.  
The ultimate goal of COPE is to bring each of the Pokot children and adults to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Since 1997, the mission has grown and developed and become a center for the community, teaching Christian beliefs and ethics.
Africa Location

COPE Mission

PO Box 60

Kacheliba 30601

Kenya Africa

COPE's USA Location

COPE’s mailing address is Post Office Box 903 in Lincoln, IL 62656.  However, there is no actual office.  Thanks to computers, internet and telephones, the work for COPE is done in various locations by volunteers.  Board meetings are held via conference calls so that Board members can live anywhere and still be active participants. 

COPE Board Members

Devane and Michaela Amalla - Executive Directors, San Jose, IL

Joan Buckles – President,  Lake Fork, IL

Josh Turney – Vice-President, Clinton, IL

Michelle Willoughby - Treasurer, Clinton, IL

Linda Seggelke, Secretary, Lincoln, IL

James Turney- Connecticut

Steve Kottemann, Lincoln, IL


The Amalla Family joined COPE as our Executive Directors and acting missionaries in 2020. Both Michaela and Devane have backgrounds as military medics. They are passionate about serving others and spreading the good news of The Gospel to the marginalized people groups of the world. They are hoping to continue to grow their relationship with the Pokot people and show the love of Christ while meeting the physical and educational needs of the community. 

The Amalla's are also the lead on the majority of our church outreach and fundraising efforts. If you would like the Amalla family to visit your church, small group, organization, or family to share about our  outreach efforts in West Pokot, Kenya, please contact us!

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore to send out workers into His harvest field.”  - Matthew 9:37-38

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