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Good Samaritan Program

The Good Samaritan Program allows for the children in the Pokot community to have some of the luxuries that are common in the United States. A sponsored child receives school uniforms, materials, breakfast and lunch, exams and school fees, and medical attention when needed. The children in the program do not have another way of receiving these life changing opportunities. 

Right now there are 170 children enrolled in our Good Samaritan Program but only about 78 of them have sponsors. Most of these children have lost at least one parent. It cost $40 a month to sponsor a child (or about the cost of 2 large lattes a week!) and it truly changes their entire lives! 

When you commit to sponsoring a child you will get a short bio introducing you to the child. You will have the option to communicate with your child through letters. It is a perfect opportunity to teach your family about how special it can be to give to others. It also allows you to connect with a child who lives a completely different life, in a completely different culture, in a meaningful way.

Send us a message today and we will help match you with the perfect child for you!

School supplies

The Good Samaritan Program provides school supplies to the students in the program.



Shoes are something we may take for granted but many cannot afford in Pokot. A new pair of shoes is provided in the Good Sam program.



Uniforms are made in the Cope Sewing House and provided to Good Sam children. Hygiene and other supplies are provided as well.

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