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The COPE Mission has always responded to community needs. Relief food has been distributed on many occasions when famine left many people hungry; we hold community meetings to deal with community problems. There are few opportunities for employment for the Pokot who live in the West Pokot area. There are no jobs for the un/under educated. Bringing small development projects to the area goes a long way in improving the economic development. 


In 2001, the COPE Board approved hiring a community nurse to care for the school children, employees and those who were sick.  A small room was made in the building where the food was stored and that became the COPE Dispensary.

Since that time, the COPE Dispensary has treated thousands of people. There are big plans for our dispensary to grow!




 Our bakery has become very successful. It is officially self sustaining. Our bakery provides food for the school, COPE House, and the community. It also has contracts at markets where it generates good income. Our bakery provides jobs, food, and convenience for the community.

Rescue House (COPE House)


In 2001, the Executive Director built a home with her own money to have a place to stay when she was in Pokot.  She soon found herself taking in a family of children who had nowhere else to go.  She now has adopted nearly 30 children who have been orphaned, abandoned or abused.  more


We make our own bricks which saves money on construction costs for our projects. It is hard work, but has been a great option for our projects at COPE.

Academic Assistance

Our Good Samaritan program allows for children experiencing hardship to go to school, have two meals a day, medical care as needed, and exams, uniforms, and books paid for.



Our canteen offers an opportunity for the people in the Pokot community to get their hangs on some common convenience store items that otherwise would be very hard to get ahold of in the area. 


Making jewelry is one way that the women in Pokot are able to provide for their families. We bring the jewelry, carvings, purses, and anything else they have made back to the States and sell it at churches and other events for the women. This money goes directly back to the women to help them sustain their families. It also provides a little piece of Kenya for us to keep in our homes and remind us to pray for our friends across the ocean.

Sewing House


Our sewing house has been extremely helpful! The sewing house staff makes school uniforms, masks for our students, and more. Right now we only have minimal staff in the sewing house as COVID effects every part of our world.

Water Project


Clean water is an essential for day to day life but is not available to the majority of people in West Pokot. We have a well and a water treatment system that provides the COPE compound with clean water for our students, COPE House children, employees, and members of the community that visit us. Many of our neighbors fill up jugs of water at our compound to sustain them through the week. 

"'He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?' declares the Lord." - Jeremiah 22:16

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