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The school provides quality education and affordable schooling for Pokot children eligible for nursery school (age 3) through 8th grade. An important goal of the school is to provide a Christian outreach arm into the Pokot community. When children go to school, they return home and share what they have learned about Jesus Christ with their families. The school also contributes to the community by providing students free medical care and health education. The ultimate goal of COPE is to bring each of the Pokot children and adults to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Tapadany Christian Academy


Tapadany Academy saw the completion of the final classroom in 2012.  We have 6 Upper Primary classrooms, 3 Lower Primary classrooms and 3 Nursery classrooms.  Every class has a sufficient number of desks for each pupil. The Head Teachers each have an office and the teachers have a room to mark papers and eat lunch.  More

Feeding Program


Every day COPE Mission feeds our 650+ students and nearly 50 employees breakfast & lunch. Breakfast, typically, is a cup of hot cereal and lunch is a cup of maize (corn) and beans.  Our 8th grade boarders also receive supper which would typically consist of sukuma (boiled "kale") and ugali.  The boarders also receive meat (goat) once a week on Sunday evening.  



Our school library is a resource to the students, teachers, and COPE house children. We have hundreds of books available, and the library is frequently used as a tutoring and meeting location



The 8th Graders board at the school. They receive 3 meals a day & stay on site during the school term. They return home during breaks. The 8th Graders rise at 5 a.m. and are studying in their classroom by 5:30. After supper they study until 9 p.m. Boarding at the school allows for focused study time for the students.



Our teachers are expected to uphold the values of COPE in their day to day role. They teach our students about grace, mercy, respect, and responsibility. Many of the teachers volunteer to come in early and leave late to be available to students who need help. In addition, many of our teachers come in on the weekends to play soccer with our students and COPE house children. 



The 8th grade class of 2013 did very well on the government exams. A student must have a score of 250 to be eligible for high school. Our highest score was 384 & our lowest was 272 with an average of 325.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS!! Everyone is so proud of the students who worked so hard the entire year.  AND- the boy and girl with the highest marks were called to two of the top high schools in Kenya.  This is a first for our school and says that our students are being recognized throughout Kenya. God is good all the time; all the time God is good. 

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